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concrete polishing picture Although concrete floors were once reserved for industrial and commercial areas, they are becoming a very popular trend in studios, loft apartments, and high-end condo units. Even a single-family home often has concrete floors, either in their basement or in their garage. Concrete floors are extremely durable and for this reason, people may think that they do not need a lot of maintenance. Although it's true that they aren't the highest-maintenance floors, they do still require some care and regular cleaning to keep them looking bright and new.

Concrete polishing is an important step in the care of both new and older concrete floors. Concrete polishing is similar to that of sanding hardwood. It simply removes the old and replaces it with new, shiny concrete. This is especially helpful once the floor has been used for many years and is starting to show pitted areas and general wear. Concrete polishing is also a good finishing step for concrete floors that have just been installed. It will remove any dust that has collected over the installation process and will leave the floor with a mirror-like shine!

polished after grinding Concrete grinding is a simple process in which a tool equipped with rotating discs is used to remove approximately 1/8" of the concrete's surface to leave the floor with a smooth and even finish. This is a good process to include in your concrete floor maintenance. The job is simple enough but the tools needed are very expensive and because it won't need to be done all that often, it's best to call the professionals who already have the proper equipment for this job. If you're a die hard who wants to do the job yourself, check out, and get the right piece of equipment for your job site. For older floors, concrete grinding should be done every five years or so, or whenever buildup is noticed on the surface of the floor.

Resurfacing a concrete floor can also be a huge help in making your concrete floors look shiny and like new again! Resurfacing will simply remove some or all of the old surface and leave a new and shiny concrete surface! The area is then usually buffed and sometimes sealed to help protect the new, shiny surface.

For those who want a creative flair in their concrete floors, concrete staining may be the best option. Done properly, this can resemble marble floor polishing, your concrete floors can actually look like marble floors. When concrete is stained, it brings life to the grey and often dull, color of concrete. Concrete staining can be done in warm or vibrant colors and the choices really can be limitless! The staining can be done while the concrete floor is being installed and concrete staining also makes a nice option for older concrete floors that are desperate for a new look!

Concrete sealing is something that should be done once a few months after installation and then again every two years after that. Right after installation, the concrete needs some time to settle and this is why sealing should wait for a brief period. However, sealing is an important step in keeping your floors looking beautiful so it's best not to overlook it. Concrete sealing can be done by purchasing a sealant compound and carefully following the directions. Apply one thin layer and allow to dry before applying another.

concrete sealing picture Concrete epoxy coating is a very involved process that is important to concrete floors. Epoxy coating is another type of concrete sealing but it is much more complex. Epoxy coating involves removing some of the old floor, giving the floor a very good cleaning and then epoxy is applied usually with a paintbrush. Concrete epoxy coating is a job that is really best left to professionals. Not only does it involve some pretty serious equipment that is not only costly but can be difficult to use, but professionals will leave you with a floor that looks like new and you will not have to worry about the meticulous nature of the job.

Although most of these jobs will only need to be done once every few years, there is one aspect of concrete floor maintenance that is overlooked and that is simply concrete cleaning. Many people believe that all concrete flooring needs is an all-purpose cleaner, some water, and a bucket and mop. However, improper concrete cleaning could damage the floors and cause them to wear more quickly. Always make sure that you are using a cleaner that is specially designed for concrete flooring to ensure that they are receiving the best care possible.

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